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WARNING: Failure to adhere to A-B’s shipping policies may result in a partial (short-paid) reimbursement on improperly shipped freight charges and/or delayed payment.

To request a copy of the current Anheuser-Busch Freight Routing Guide; or for any inquiries regarding international and cross-border transportation or domestic transportation please contact

All A-B freight should follow these directions and utilize these forms to help ensure proper shipping & billing.


The current Anheuser-Busch Freight Routing Guide will assist you performing the following required steps:

Identifying the proper ship mode

Choose the correct assigned approved A-B carrier

Bill correctly

A Valid A-B PO number needs to be applied to every shipment. This enables the proper billing against your order and pays the freight. If you do not have an A-B PO number nor an SAP cost cent, please contact Freight Routing.

A-B PO Format: 3-alpha prefix + 10 digits (e.g. CMD9876543210).

In addition, all freight should be billed 3rd Part - FOB Destination to US Bank at:

Anheuser-Busch, U.S. Bank c/o Syncada

Dept. ABI

P.O. Box 3001

Naperville, IL 60566-7001


In the event of a claim, please be sure to report to the carrier as soon as possible. Concealed or hidden damage has 15 days to be reported. A-B’s shipping policies state that all 3rd Party freight should be FOB (freight on board) Destination. All A-B approved carries are insured to cover freight claims, when applicable.

All A-B vendors/suppliers are responsible for filing claims with the associated carrier. Any questions or concerns, please contact Freight Routing.

F.O.B Destination, freight collect:

Buyer - Pays freight charges

Buyer - Bears freight charges

Seller - Owns goods in transit

Seller - Files claims (if any)